Performance can be improved by deploying more than one "working" machine (see Scalability), but it nevertheless makes sense to make sure that the application itself performs well. Possible bottlenecks are described below.

Content retrieval

The performance of the content retrieval depends mainly on the actual persistance manager. Depending on the filesystem this is not necessarily an issue (for example one can use memory based filesystems for high performance environments), whereas in the case of databases one normally uses session pooling (also see Scalability) and sophisticated caching mechanisms of the database solution itself.

Content generation

The performance of the content generation depends very much on how custom resources aggregate and generate a response. Yanel doesn't set any restrictions on how this is done and performance mainly depends on the technologies a custom resource is using (for example XSLT, Jelly, POJO).

Access control

Each request (URL) is checked for authorization.   Yanel also allows content based access control which, depending upon the setup, can lead to many more authorization checks.  Fortunately Yanel allows one to use custom implementations of the access control policy manager for each realm and therefore one always has the means to improve performance.

Case studies

Lucene indexing

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