Unique Selling Proposition

There are a lot of Content Management Systems out there. What makes Yanel unique?

  • Resource Framework with versioned published interfaces which allows continuous development and integration. This means Yanel is backwards and forwards compatible at any time.
  • Yanel cleanly separates the user interface from the server side application by using various independent protocols such as Neutron protocol, Atom Publishing Protocol and WebDAV. This architecture allows people to use clients of their own choice (OpenOffice, Yulup, Sunbird, and others).
  • Yanel is clusterable. Therefore maintenance can be done during production. Scalability and performance aren't an issue with a that system can be extended easily.
  • Yanel has a clean data abstraction layer implemented and hence allows access to arbitrary content repositories (for example file systems, Subversion repositories, relational and non-relational databases, or anything that can hold data). Integration into existing environments is easy and there isn't be any lock-in regarding data.
  • Separation of content and layout by using XSLT and arbitrary templating frameworks has the advantage of being able to interpret and modify them independently of each other.
  • Multiple sites can be nested arbitrarily within an instance of Yanel.
  • Reverse proxy support gives great flexibility regarding operational processes.
  • Cross-Platform (Continuously tested on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows).
  • Support of language specific URL space, e.g. /about.html (en) and /acerca.html (es) and /ueber.html (de).
  • Clean separation between repository navigation and realm (website) navigation which allows to support various navigation types, for example topic maps.

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