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Everything is content management (WCMS/Wiki, DMS, CRM, ECM, ERP, PIM/E-Mail, DRM, ...) and Yanel is a humble attempt to provide a solution for all your content management needs by offering an Open Source service oriented Content Management Framework written in Java.

The Yanel community has defined a set of principles to sustain long-term development.


See the download page for information on releases, snapshots, source code, etc.

Main Focus or "Why another CMS"!

There are a lot of content management systems/frameworks out there and it's very reaonable to ask "why develop another CMS?"! Our answer is that we care deeply about the people actually involved with a CMS, which are for example editorial stuff, administrators, integrators and managers.

  • Usability: In the case of the editorial staff it's all about usability, for example how easy it is to create/edit/delete data.
  • Maintenance
  • Integration
  • Secure Investment: It's not so much about of RoI, but rather what are the recurrent costs, what about lock-in, what about dead ends and having to start from scratch

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