Case Study: Scalability/Performance issues re lucene indexing


The following case study describes the performance/scalability issues of an existing custom implementation, which allows editorial stuff to query for existing content elements, select a particular element and add it to a specific web page. A content element is typically made up of a title, subtitle, image and a short text. The goal of this functionality is to allow editorial stuff to re-use the same content elements on various web pages. For example a teaser about a meal/recipe which fits together with certain red wines, whereas each red wine would have its own web page describing the details of the particular red wine.



Root Cause


Quick Fix

  • Disable automatic lucene indexing (for example set the parameters repo-auto-index-fulltext and repo-auto-index-properties inside the Yarep repository configuration to false.)
  • Index explicitely by using for example org.wyona.yarep.core.Repository#getIndexer() and in particular the methods index(Node) and removeFromIndex(Node) within the custom code.

Long term solution


Lesson learned

  • Do not get distracted, but try to stay focused on the most important issues.
  • Make sure to analyze and really understand the problem and don't start hunting ghosts.

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