The below list is not always up-to-date. If you cannot find the features you need here, then please contact us.

Features of the sites created using Yanel

  • search (full-text similar to Google, respectful of access rights)
  • internationalized pages
  • error pages are customizable
  • images and videos can be presented in a gallery
  • RSS and Atom feeds support
  • contact page with spam protection
  • statistics
    • Google Analytics support
  • compatible with major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) (when using the supported editors)
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
    • complete control over URLs used
    • in progress: Google sitemap support

Content creation

  • create/edit/delete static pages
  • Web-based editor (TinyMCE, Xinha) with management facilities for:
    • text
    • images or other assets (PDF documents, Flash videos, or other binary files)
    • lists
    • links (incl. external sites, anchors, and redirections)
  • simple wiki editor (JSPwiki syntax) for quick editing
  • planned: create/edit/delete navigation links
  • create/edit/delete custom element

Access control

  • secure access (SSL)
  • login/logout using username and password or OpenID
    • everything except the password can optionally be remembered for each user by Yanel
  • forgotten passwords handling
  • SSO using CAS
  • create/edit/delete users
  • create/edit/delete groups or sub-groups of users
  • create/edit/delete access policies for groups

Content management

  • page administration
  • site administration
  • archival/migration/backup facilities (import/export, easy zipping and downloading of a content tree)
  • versioning (with creator, creation date, editor, and publisher metadata)
  • workflow (incl. draft, approved and published states and validity range)
  • metadata management (incl. keywords and description)
  • task scheduler


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