Getting Started (UNIX)


Download and install Java Development Kit version 1.8 or higher (e.g.

(NOTE: After installing JDK, set JAVA_HOME)

Download Yanel

Download Yanel source code either from the git repository or as snapshot.

Install Yanel

Change to the directory which contains the source of Yanel and install it as follows:

  • Run script "./ quick-start"
or at length
  • Run script "./"
  • Run script "./"

Run and use Yanel

  • Run script "./ start" to start Yanel as a server
  • (Run script "./ stop" to stop Yanel as a server)

Start your prefered Browser, enter the URL http://localhost:8080/yanel/ and start using Yanel either as author, integrator or developer.


Also see the README.txt included by the source.

To edit pages served by Yanel one can also use third-party editing tools such as for example Yulup.

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