Yarep 2 JCR

The "From Scratch Realm" contains a sample Yarep2JCR configuration. Please see https://raw.github.com/wyona/yanel/src/realms/from-scratch-realm-template

Create (and Drop) DB using PostgreSQL

  • sudo bash
  • su - postgres
  • vi /etc/postgresql/7.4/main/pg_hba.conf
    • # TYPE  DATABASE     USER                               IP-ADDRESS    IP-MASK           METHOD
      local   jackrabbit_test  MY_DB_USERNAME                                                               trust
      host    jackrabbit_test  MY_DB_USERNAME     trust
  • exit
  • /etc/init.d/postgresql-7.4 restart
  • su -postgres
  • OPTIONAL: dropdb jackrabbit_test
  • createdb --encoding unicode jackrabbit_test
  • psql -U MY_DB_USERNAME -d jackrabbit_test
  • select * from pg_tables;
  • q
  • \q
  • exit
  • exit

Migrate data from Yarep VFS repo to Yarep JCR repo

Also see https://raw.github.com/wyona/yarep/README.txt
  • vi src/test/java/yarep.properties
  • ./build.sh build-examples
  • ./build.sh compile-tools
  • Make sure that jcr-data-repo-cnode1/repository.xml and jcr-data-repo-cnode2/repository.xml are configured correctly (user of PostgreSQL persistence manager and directory path if Cluster)
  • ./build.sh copy-repository -Dcopy.src.repo.id=vfs -Dcopy.dest.repo.id=jcr
  • psql -U peach -d jackrabbit_test
  • select * from default_names;

Tomcat Deployment

See https://svn.wyona.com/repos/public/tomcat-cluster re a clustered Tomcat environment
  • Set tomcat1.home.dir and tomcat2.home.dir within src/build/local.build.properties
  • ./build.sh
  • Reconfigure realm within Tomcat1 (build/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.30-cnode1/webapps/yanel/WEB-INF/classes/realms.xml) and Tomcat2 (build/jakarta-tomcat-5.0.30-cnode2/webapps/yanel/WEB-INF/classes/realms.xml) pointing to realm-jcr-cnode1.xml and realm-jcr-cnode2.xml
  • ./yanel.sh start
  • Browse to

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