Create a resource

In order to make a resource creatable by a so called "client adapter creator", one can implement one of the creatable interfaces. The architecture is described by the diagram below:

Think of the controller adapter as an "editing tool" (like for example OpenOffice or Word) and the resource to create as something like a "text document" or a "spreadsheet", which means that the controller adapter has to know somehow what resource type it should actually create. This connection is currently done by using the URL parameter "adapted.resource.path". In the case of editing a resource instance, the controller adapter needs to know by this parameter which resource instance it should make editable (Think again of an editing tool and by clicking "open" one can select a file (resource instance) to edit).

Architecture of creatable interface

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Client Adapters

Client Adapter: Yanel resource "Resource Creator"

The source of this yanel resource is located at YANEL_SRC_TRUNK/src/contributions/resources/resource-creator/ and documentationm can be found at YANEL_SRC_TRUNK/src/contributions/resources/resource-creator/yanel-htdocs/doc/index.html.

Client Adapter: Jelly/XSLT


Client Adapter: Yanel Servlet through query string ?yanel.usecase=create&


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