How a request is being processed

or how you can follow a request to debug it .e.g. http://localhost:8080/yanel/yanel-website/en/documentation/how-a-request-is-being-processed.html

  1. Figure out the Realm.
    http://localhost:8080 is the root context of the servlet engine
    /yanel is the Yanel servlet context as configured in resp.
    /yanel-website is the realm prefix as configured in conf/realms.xml resp. conf/local/local.realms.xml resp. WEB-INF/classes/realms.xml
    You will find out where the realm is configured e.g. ../src/realms/yanel-website/realm.xml
  2. Figure out RTI/RC Repo
    Have a look ../src/realms/yanel-website/realm.xml where the rti-repository is configured. e.g ../src/realms/yanel-website/config/res-config-repository.xml
  3. Get RTI/RC
    Follow the path and get the .yanel-rti or .yanel-rc in the content and you will get the Resource Type (e.g. <{}xml/>). Also take a look at ../src/realms/yanel-website/res-configs-repo/data/map.rc-map
    (Also see org.wyona.yanel.core.util.PathUtil#getRCPath(String))
  4. Get the Resource Type
    Have a look at conf/resource-types.xml resp. conf/local/local.resource-types.xml resp. WEB-INF/classes/resource-types.xml to find out where the Resource Type is located. (e.g. /home/simon/src/yanel/src/resources/xml/resource.xml)
  5. Get the Resource Type Class (where the view is being generated)
    have a look at /home/simon/src/yanel/src/resources/xml/resource.xml to see where the class is located. (e.g. /home/simon/src/yanel/src/resources/xml/src/java/org/wyona/yanel/impl/resources/

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