Log Files

Yanel is using log4j for logging, whereas the configuration can be found at
  • Source version: conf/ or conf/local/
  • Binary version: TOMCAT/webapps/yanel/WEB-INF/classes/
Check for the settings within in order to find the location of the actual log files, whereas the default settings are:
  • Source version: tail -F YANEL_SOURCE/logs/*
  • Binary version: tail -F webapps/yanel/WEB-INF/classes/logs/*

Debugging Client-Server Communication

The client-server communication can be debugged with various tools. Two of them are listed below
  • java -classpath axis-1_4/lib/axis.jar org.apache.axis.utils.tcpmon
  • sudo ngrep -d eth0 "" "port 8080" (or for local deployments: sudo ngrep -d lo0 "" "port 8080")

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