Configuration of yanel.xml

The file yanel.xml (or previously but deprecated is the very first configuration file which is read by Yanel if one startups Yanel. It contains global parameters , whereas some of them can be overwritten per realm or per resource (e.g. the mail host) or some of them can be overwritten by using environment variables (e.g. realms.xml).

The productive version of this configuration file is normally located at WEB-INF/classes/yanel.xml.


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<yanel xmlns="" version="2007061900">
  <!-- # Realms configuration -->
  <realms-config src="realms.xml"/>
  <!-- # ResourceTypes configuration -->
  <resource-types-config src="resource-types.xml"/>
  <!-- # Reserved-Prefix configuration -->

  <!-- # Scheduler configuration -->
  <scheduler enabled="false"/>

  <!-- # Mail server configuration -->
  <smtp host="" port="25"/>
<-- INFO: Username and password are optional
  <smtp host="" port="25" username="foo" password="bar"/>

  <!-- # Target environment configuration -->
<-- INFO: Target environment is optional

  <!-- # Optional trust-store configuration -->
  <trust-store src="/foor/bar/truststore.jks" password="MY_PASSWORD"/>

  <!-- # Pre-authentication configuration -->
  <pre-auth-request-header enabled="false">SM_USER</pre-auth-request-header>


Note 1: If one is using Yanel from source, then one should edit conf/local/local.yanel.xml rather than conf/yanel.xml.

Note 2: After editing either of these configuration files, Yanel needs to be rebuilt in order to overwrite WEB-INF/classes/yanel.xml (or alternatively one can edit this file directly and just restart Yanel instead, whereas one needs to be aware that the changes are overwritten during the next build).

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