Create Binary for Windows


  • a Windows operating system (obviously): Windows 2000, XP, Vista or later incarnations of NT should work
  • a JDK (needed since we build from the Java source) >= 1.5
  • the Subversion command-line client (until bug 5341 gets fixed) >= 1.4: get it under Cygwin or download it from for example and install it
  • the complete installation of NSIS >= 2.24: download it from and install it (at the moment it is expected by the below script to sit under C:\Programme\NSIS, sorry for that; however for now the script can be tweaked easily)


  1. start Windows
  2. checkout Yanel from SVN (anonymous access is sufficient)
  3. run src\release <version string> <revision number> (see the description of the official release process for how to choose the exact values)... and wait a while
  4. you should test the installer which will be run automatically just before the script ends
  5. the installer program can then be provided as binary snapshot/release within the Windows download section: it will be available in the folder build\bin-snapshots\wyona-yanel-VERSION-rREVISION-bin-win under the name install-Wyona-Yanel-VERSION-rREVISION.exe

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